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【Technology frontier】全球首条IGCC认证单层氧化石墨烯生产线达产,中国又一领域领先全球?

Source:Internet    Time of publication:2020-07-31 10:47     Number of readings:7136

        Graphene is known as "will bring subversive material revolution". On July 18, at the 2020 annual conference of Hangzhou gaoene Technology Co., Ltd., good news came: the world’’s first IGCC certified single-layer graphene oxide production line has reached production capacity!

        As early as July 6 last year, the world’’s first 10 ton spinning grade graphene oxide production line, which was transformed and constructed by the team of Professor Gao Chao of Zhejiang University, was successfully tested. The international graphene Product Certification Center (IGCC) issued the world’’s first product certification certificates for the single-layer graphene oxide and multi-functional graphene composite fiber produced by the production line on the same day.

        In the mid-1980s, the third allotropic form of carbon, spherical carbon C60 fullerene, was discovered. American chemists Robert Cole and Richard Smalley and British chemist Harold Walter croto won the 1996 Nobel Prize in chemistry!

        n the following ten years, fullerenes have been widely affected in physics, chemistry, materials science, electronics, biology, medicine and other fields, greatly enriching and improving the scientific theory. At the same time, it has shown excellent performance in superconductivity, magnetism, optics, catalysis, materials and biology, and has been widely used. It also continues to explore carbon for scientists in various countries Lay the foundation.

        More than 10 years later, physicists Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov of the University of Manchester in the UK successfully separated graphene, another allotrope of C, from graphite by micromechanical stripping method, and jointly won the Nobel prize in physics in 2010.

        Graphene, known as "black gold", is a new type of nano material with the thinnest, the largest strength and the strongest conductivity and thermal conductivity. Graphene has excellent optical, electrical and mechanical properties. It has a wide range of application prospects in materials science, micro nano processing, energy, biomedicine and drug delivery. It has attracted much attention in the fields of sensors, energy storage and new display, semiconductor materials and biomedicine. It will be of great significance to promote the development of mobile devices, aerospace, new energy batteries and other industries 。